Land Clearing Is a Job Best Left to the Professionals

Hire our site clearing contractors in Acworth & Kennesaw, GA

Clearing overgrown land may be an impossible task for the average landowner, but the team at Simpson Hauling can make quick work of your project. Our site clearing contractors in Acworth & Kennesaw, GA have extensive experience and are fully insured.

You can hire us to...

  • Remove trees, shrubs and other unwanted vegetation
  • Move excess soil to low-lying areas
  • Make your land level

Save yourself the hassle of prepping your land for a construction project. Contact us today to hire skilled site clearing contractors.

Untamed land isn't suitable to build on

Turn to our team in Acworth & Kennesaw, GA for land grading services. We have the equipment and expertise required to turn untouched land into sites suitable for roadways and other infrastructure.

Although grading your land is necessary, your project doesn't have to cost a fortune. Call 404-376-8221 now to request a free estimate.